Sunday, September 10, 2006

Holy Crap! I know a bracelet winner...

My buddy Jeremy Shor won the $1500 buyin event at the Borgata Open this past weekend. He beat out 450 players, including quite a few well known professionals, to win the grand prize of $186,000 plus a Rolex watch! I've played with Jeremy a couple of times, both in single table tournaments and in cash games. He's always proven himself to be the toughest guy at the table because he mercilessly attacks weakness, making it very hard for opponents to call him without the nuts. I was at a cardroom on Houston Street with him when I saw him scoop a $50 pot with a stone cold bluff. The game was 1/2 No Limit and an early raiser has made it $12 to go, a standard raise at this level. Jeremy got 4 callers when he laid the hammer down on the button with a raise to $75. This was so disproportionate to the action that everyone folded and Jeremy showed his 37 offsuit bluff. It was a ridiculously good play. Of course it's easy to say that raising into weak calls is the way to go when you have position, but saying it and doing it are two different things. Jeremy has that extra quality in his character that lets him overcome his fears and make those plays.

Jeremy's win emboldens me quite a bit. I know he's a better player than me, but I have beaten him before on the felt and it makes me feel that if he can do it, I can do it. I feel like it's a confidence boost to see someone I know go all the way. I still won't risk $1500 on a tourney, but I will definitely play in a sub $500 one. This only makes me want to go to the World Series even more.

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