Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The chips are almost here!

I ordered the new chips almost two weeks ago and was promised an approximately one week production time followed by a few days of ground shipping. Brent, from Lynbark.Com, promised me that he would send me the tracking number as soon as the factory shipped it. I still hadn't gotten the shipping number by yesterday so I sent a teaser email to find out the status. It turns out that the factory shipped the chips but forgot to send the tracking number.

So the bad news is that I don't yet know exactly when I'll get the chips (although Brent says tomorrow) and the good news is that the chips are on their way!!! If all goes well, I should have them in time for Friday's long tournament. I'm so ridiculously psyched about this. I paid $970 for the chips, including shipping, and I've only spent that much in my life on just a few other things. Here is a list of my life's $1000+ purchases:
1. A platinum diamond engagement ring ($6400)
2. My wife's wedding band ($1500)
3. My wedding and honeymoon ($52,000. I lived with my wife's mother for two years saving for this! :-( )
4. Multiple computer purchases over my lifetime (approx. $10,000 total)
5. Condo in Florida ($200,000, although this is cheating since I took out a mortgage and barely laid out $5,000 upfront)
6. Diamond Earrings ($3300)
7. Furniture for my Brooklyn apartment ($15,000)
8. Furniture for my Wall Street apartment ($4,500)
9. My plasma TV ($2,200)
10. 4 original Michael Parkes lithographs, with framing ($5,900)
11. Sony digital camera ($1000)

So after 34 years of life, this is only the 12th time I've laid out this much money in one shot for something other than rent, and this is clearly the most frivolous purchase I've made (unless you count the wedding ;-) ). So why am I so excited about it? It's hard to say but I think it's because I've always wanted a professional set of chips that are the same as they use in the casinos. And when you consider that they'll last a lifetime, it's not the worst thing I can get.

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