Friday, July 4, 2008

Nice Horsey

HORSE game last night. Originally it was going to be 3/6 with a Pot Limit kill, but it got too confusing to figure out what were going to do with the ante games. If everyone antes too much in a Pot Limit game, the initial raise could be very high. So instead, we only made Hold'em and O/8 Pot Limit on the kills and the other games killed for 6/12. It was a fun game and very profitable for me. I was playing smart and folding when I had the worst of it. I only drew dumb once, on KJ (sorry dude!) in Stud/8. I started with 9's wired underneath and a 2 showing. My board kept going low and I paired a 3 on 5th street to give me middle two pair. I drew all the way to the down card when I got another 9. 3 9's underneath is a beautiful thing. I led out on the down card and KJ called to see the bad news which sent him on a bit of tilt. I gave it all back on the next hand though. He was short stacked with maybe 24 behind him. I had split Kings so I raised my kill to $12. KJ called, sending us heads up. He took an Ace on 4th street and bet it out but I had the feeling he was representing so I went along. He held up his remaining moneys, $16 and I asked if he just wanted to put it all in now and run the cards but he declined. Which is why I wasn't looking when I called his bet on 5th street when he got another Ace on the board! I didn't even see it! But my board was going low and by 6th street I had an 8/6 low going but didn't hit it. I ended up with Kings up which lost to his Ace up. So there you go.

By the end of the night, I was the big winner at +260. Darko was close to the same total and Roger was the only other player in the money tonight. Poor Mary couldn't make a hand all night. I've never seen such patience on a woman. If I were her, 20 years ago, I'd a taken a FLAMETHROWER TO THIS PLACE!

Tourney will start up again next week.


KJ said...

Great times!

I vote for more mixed games at the WS game.

Alceste said...

Didn't Dawn make money too (manifesting her magical stud/8 powers immediately upon her arrivial)?

And I second W's request for more triple draw! :)

Anonymous said...

the WS game needs a regular weekly cash game (mixed limit, pl, nl, whatever)

i vote plo next time, with alternating nl every other week -- nlh should draw in a bigger field.


Jamie said...

Dammit Alceste, you're absolutely right. Dawn did manage to scrape together a few birthday dollars from the Stud/8 fairy!