Sunday, June 3, 2007

Cash game madness

We had a rollicking cash game after our recent June 1st tournaments. Not that the tournaments were uneventful. For the first time in Wall Street Poker history, we had an all women final 3. Mary, Liezl and Abbie duked it out, with Liezl taking a big lead over Abbie heads up. Abbie tried to negotiate a 50/50 chop (good try Abbie), but Liezl would have none of it. She didn't even make a counter offer! It was a blood feud from there on in and the final hand was a doozy. With an Ace on the flop, Abbie fired out a pot bet, which Liezl called. A blank fell on the turn. Abbie fired again. Liezl called one more time. The river was a King. Abbie moved all in and Liezl called. Abbie said, "It's yours", showing a Jack high bluff. Liezl turned over Queen high! Wow.

The cash game was insane, as Stephane kept getting stacked by various players. The most cringe-inducing play was by Liezl, who called a small pre-flop raise on the button with Qd6c with 4 other players calling. The flop was 3 clubs, K95. Stephane, who had flopped top two, bet the pot, and Liezl called with her 6 flush draw. The turn was a blank and Stephane went all in for $31. Liezl conferred with Vera, her partner in crime for the night, and concluded that they were pot committed! Wowsers. A club fell on the river and Liezl scooped the pot, sending Stephane into her Tilty McTiltster mode. She'll be talking about that hand for a while, I'm sure. ;-)

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