Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We gots us a shout out!

Jordan, who writes the High On Poker blog, gave our little home game a glowing review!

I take great pride in running the best homegame in the city, and finally people are starting to notice! But it's not just me you know. All of my regular players have had a hand in making Wall Street Poker what it is today. So that's a shout out to The Poker Idiot, Darko, Wendy, Dimples, Drama and the rest of the kooky crew who make our game fun, interesting and professional.

My hiatus this month (punctuated by only 2 full hours of poker play), has re-energized me for the game and the league. I'm going to devote more energy to the league starting with next season (July 1st) and consequently, you are going to see some changes to this website.

My plan is to move this blog onto blogspot or blogger and make it more widely known. Also, I am going to clean up this site and make it more streamlined. I'm going to get rid of some of the remnants that we don't need and move the photos onto Flickr. Plus, I'm vowing to take more photos (Stephane has inspired me in this area).

This is just the beginning folks...

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