Sunday, June 3, 2007

Coming to you live...from the Dragon Room

Karol invited me to the Dragon room on Tuesday, and even though I got killed in AC, I went anyway. To make a long story short, I was up $300 in 15 minutes and then lost everything in the next two hours.

Two hands that stand out...
1. I have A7 after I straddled UTG to $6. I decline to take my option after 5 people limped and the flop was A94. I led out for $15 and got a raise to $30. I call. The turn is a 4. He bets out $30. I honestly put him on A-middle here and I was thinking that the two pair now on board would improve my hand with the 9 kicker on the board. SO I called. The river is a 7. Now, I believe I'm good, but I check in the hopes of re-raising a timid bet. But the river was not timid. He bet $60. I thought about it for a while and which hands he wouldn't have raised pre-flop that the board would have hit him with. I called to see him show A4. Bad judgement.

2. QJ in the SB. MP raises to $12 pre-flop and three players call. I call and the BB completes. Flop is QQ5. I bet out $25, hoping to represent the 5. Everyone folds to the button, who raises to $50. I decided to push all in since I only have $100 behind. He calls. Before we flip, I ask, "Do you want to do business?" He says, "Yeah, sure!". We flip and he has KQ. I ask to run it 3 times and he says "Nah, let's just run it once". The MP protests on my behalf but the dealer says the guy is new and didn't know what I was actually asking about. I get so incensed that I say 'Fuck it' and let it run. The turn was a 5, putting QQ55 on the board. Someone says, "Ok, no problem. It's a chopped pot anyway." Until the river hit a King. Ouch and double ouch.

So I went tonight to Karol's blogger party (Steph and Karol were there but it was a bit lame otherwise) and Darko, Vivian and Scott Levy showed up too. We went out for dinner afterwards and hit The Dragon Room afterwards. In fact, they are playing behind me as I type this. True to my word, I am taking a poker hiatus for the month of June, and though it is tempting to sit down in this fishing pond, I am dutifully watching Scott, Viv and John all rake in pot after pot.

Now I know what a smack addict feels like...

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