Saturday, June 23, 2007

I won last night! And then I lost...

I played last night, violating my June hiatus rule. I think the hiatus is officially off, so I can't say that I stuck to it for the entire month, although I lasted quite a while. Meanwhile, with all of my poker clubs shut down, except for the Salami club which is playing 2-5, there isn't anyplace for me to play now even if I wanted to!

So back to last night. I lasted pretty long into the 1st tourney, but I donked off most of my chips when I tried to play the 40 end of a 60/40 play and got my ass handed to me. I had rolled the dice earlier with a short stack against Abbie, pushing with K9 vs. her pocket 10's, but I got lucky to fill the straight and knock her out. I don't know what possessed me to do the same thing with QsTs, but my opponent had AQ. Meanwhile, I nearly pulled it out of the fire when two clubs flopped, but nothing doing.

The second tourney was a much better affair. I caught some decent cards and was able to double through at opportune times. But blinds caught up to me as I patiently waited for someone to bubble. At one point, Darko, Wendy, Ross and I were all about even when Darko took a big lead. Darko and Wendy tangled and Wendy's A3 caught bottom pair on the river vs. Darko's A7. Ross also hung in but eventually bubbled vs. Darko (can't remember the circumstance). That left Me, Wendy and Darko in a tightly contested battle for the money. I doubled through Darko with a well-timed AT that flopped top pair and then busted Wendy when she pushed all in with AJ. I looked down at AK and insta-called. This time the King held up and I was slightly ahead of John. We chopped the money and I took down my first 1st place finish since the first month of the season.

The cash game kicked off promptly at 11:40 with 8 players, but Ross left after 30 minutes to catch a train. Highlights that I can remember include Abbie flopping top two with KJ and pushing all in on the turn with about $55. Scott called her with AdQd. He had only a Ten or a diamond to save him (provided the diamond didn't fill Abbie's boat), and he caught his card on the river to felt Abbie. She diligently reloaded, but wasn't able to make much back by the time she left. Scott, on the other hand, had a monster stack in front of him after two hours, though he gave much of it back in the last hour of the game. I lost most of my own stack when I called a $4 preflop raise with 45o. Callers included Wendy (who did the initial raise), Darko and Stephane. The flop was 678 rainbow. I checked the bottom straight, Wendy followed through with a $5 bet. Darko raised to $13 with a little speech about ending it right now and I popped it to $30, continuing the same speech. Wendy and Stephane got out of the way. John thought about it and despite my protestations, called. Then I did something stupid. I moved all in just as the turn card was hitting the board. I didn't even wait to see what it was. If I had, I would have noticed that a very ugly 7 hit the turn. John insta-called with 67 to complete his boat. Damn the gods! The night was a blur after that.

Oh, but I bluffed a certain Yale Lawyer at the table with 2d5d. Welcome to Wall Street Poker! ;-)

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