Saturday, August 11, 2007

I got berated for my last post

And rightfully so. I'm still new to having this blog be public, and I'm learning, folks. I'm learning.

My last post used to have more detail on the raid. This included the name of the club (though not it's location) and some more detail about how the employees reacted while it was happening. I've edited out these details. In fact, I went back through all of my old posts and edited out the club's name altogether, replacing it with the euphamistic 'Good Look' club. If you already know the name of the club, this will make sense. If you don't, good luck trying to figure it out. And don't ask me. I don't know nothin'!

So what precipitated this bit of censorship on my part? Well, two things. One, the comments I got from people about my last post, when it had all the info, chastised me on giving out so much. Two, I went to the Good Look club tonight to get the money I left on the table, and the manager asked me about the blog. I fessed up to it immediately and apologized profusely. It really wasn't my intention to make anyone feel uncomfortable or to put anyone in an awkward position. So I've redacted all my previous posts. While I'll still be writing about my poker experiences, I will go to much greater lengths to keep innocent names out of it.

I'm very very sorry to everyone and I hope this makes us all square. My next post will tell you all how my karmic betrayal (unknowing though it was) came back to bite me in the ass.

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