Thursday, August 30, 2007

~Raids, raids, go away~

A little red-headed birdie told me that:
1. She cashed in the tourney at the Good Look club and then tried to play in a cash game when an announcement went out that they were about to be raided. She was able to skip out in time, but the bulls were serious this time around.
2. The Extra Big Blind (with an option) club also got similarly hit.
3. The Salami club shut down as a precaution.

Does anyone have any other details? Is this the end of the club scene as we know it? Does anyone know what precipitated this ridiculous action by the police (who don't have better things to think about?)? Was it that right field squirrel at Yankee Stadium last night?


lj said...


really? the salami club? i thought they never closed!

HighOnPoker said...

I blame the squirrel. Fucking squirrel.

loona said...

There's a post about it on 2+2:

I just got an email from Good Look about their upcoming tourney schedule.

But more importantly: