Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One of the worst days I ever had (Very little poker content)

Hmmm, let's think. How bad was today? Well...

1. I had a misunderstanding with a dear friend of mine. We have since, I hope, come to a resolution, but that didn't stop me from being distressed about it all day. Misunderstandings between those who should be friends is an awful thing to endure.

2. But not as bad as what's behind curtain number two. What's that, you ask? Well, do you, my loyal readers, remember how I have been hospitalized twice in the last year with what I thought was Acid Reflux/Gastritis? Well, I got an abdominal ultrasound a week ago and it's results were read to me over the phone by my Gastroenterologist who let me know that Acid Reflux was not the cause. No, it was gall stones. Well, you ask, what's so bad about that? Well, it turns out that for those of us who have symptomatic gall stones (meaning you get attacks like my last two), the most common 'cure' is to REMOVE THE GALL BLADDER!!!! Yes, you heard it here first. Yours truly, after a second and third opinion has been obtained for safety reasons, will most likely have an organ REMOVED FROM HIS BODY. Now it's true, they've done wonders these days with surgery and they won't have to slice me completely open to do this. No, they can do it laproscopically now, which means a few puncture wounds will be made under my right rib cage and tubes and cameras and scalpels and such will be places through them. Also, a puncture wound will be made THROUGH MY BELLY BUTTON, and my gall bladder will be sucked through it!! Holy fuck!!

I spent the rest of the day in a cold flop sweat.

3. But it doesn't end there. Oh no. I called my parents to apprise them of my situation. My dad picked up the phone, and without me even saying a word he launched into his major issue of the day. Namely, that a close family member of mine had been forcibly arrested today by 5 police officers on the charge of Grand Larceny. This person is a saint and has never even stolen a piece of gum, let alone the charges leveled against him. But the charges have been trumped up by the President of his condominium board for which HE served as President in the previous administration. My father was quite distressed and it was only because I was equally distressed about my own situation that I had to even bother my parents with my own details.

4. And finally, I bubbled in my own tourney tonight. Not the biggest deal, I know, but after busting out Wendy AND Carol when my AT rivered a Ten vs. their AJ and AQ, I thought I would be able to ride into the money. However, I was left with a middle stack against Jordan, TripJax and Brian and I simply got outplayed. Jordan raised every blind we were in together and I never really had fighting cards. By the time I had Ah2h in the SB, I raised and got re-raised from TripJax. Finally, I pushed a few times and finally called Jordan's all in with my K8. He had QT. I flopped an 8, but he turned a Queen and I couldn't improve. Jordan and TripJax chopped for the money and TripJax, with a slight lead, took down the tourney. I couldn't play in the first tourney, because Toby had showed up without signing up for the Evite. It was confusing because he had signed up for the second tourney, but not the first (I guess he was confused by all the Evites for the same night) and he ended up taking my seat (Gracious host I am). Anyway, he busted out on the FIRST HAND, when he, with AT, saw a flop of ATJ. Paulie reraised him all in with KQ for the flopped Broadway and it held up. To make matters worse, Toby didn't stay for the second tourney. Bad vibes, I guess. Oh yeah, and I made a good move laying down AhJd in the SB in the second tourney when UTG raised big and got a call from MP. I flashed Carol the cards and said, "How's that for a laydown"? No sooner had I said it then the flop came, KdQdTd. Oh yeah, what a laydown....

What a fucktarded day.

Jordan has a good post about the game.


Anonymous said...

Dude, sympathy on all fronts. On the gall bladder front, not to worry. I have no gall bladder and I feel jest fine. Peachy. Honest. Go to Nice Look and try to pick out the crippled gall bladderless dude and you'll fail. Pre-op is scary--after all, it is an operation fer chrisakes--and post-op you'll wake up feeling like crap (trying to piss and throw up are your first goals), but recovery is incredibly fast (after the first sucky day) and once it's out you'll never look back. -- carl

Dawn Summers said...

hope your week gets better!