Monday, August 13, 2007

The one where our hero turns 35

Yeah, it was my birthday today. Happy birthday to me. I had brunch this afternoon with my parents who flew in from Florida and my brother, his wife and her parents. It was a nice place on the West side near Canal Street called Capsuto Ferer (or some similar spelling). Afterwards, we walked around SOHO where I treated myself to a rather nice birthday present. I got 4 lithographs of a new 'collectors' series from Michael Parkes. The series is a new companion series to the lithographs I already have in my home. I really like them and I'm only in mild post-buying sticker shock.

Here's the new lithos:
The Frog Collector
The Egg Collector
The Puppet Collector
The Seahorse Collector

Now I just have to get them framed, once they arrive, and figure out where to hell to put them...

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lj said...

hey! august 12th is MY birthday too!

i walked around soho w/ my mom, but we had my bday brunch on saturday.

happy birthday!