Friday, December 21, 2007

1 hour to flight time

And my run of luck keeps going....

If only work had been wonderfully quiet this week. Dyanu! **

If only I was able to fix my ipod for cheeep. Dyanu!

If only my budding relationship with E was going swimmingly. Dyanu!

If only I was able to reclaim $1400 (!) of my Vegas trip expense by renting out my apartment from Christmas through New Years (Thank you Liezl). Dyanu!

If I was able to make it to Newark airport with amazingly little traffic. Dyanu!

If only the security checkpoint at the airport was a breeze to get around. Dyanu!

If only I was able to find a seat to wait for my flight that had a working outlet next to it. Dyanu!

If all of this happened, it would have been enough. But no. When I checked into my flight using the kiosk (the only way to fly), an option came up to change my seat. I chose it and discovered a window seat in the exit row was available! On a full flight! I grabbed it up and now I can stretch my legs in comfort and sleep with my head up against the fuselage. Life is good ladies and gents. Life is good. Dyanu!

**For you goyim reading this, Daynu is a hebrew word meaning, roughly, "it's enough for me".

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