Friday, December 14, 2007

My last health related note

Ok, this is it. I know you're all tired of hearing about this but I couldn't go to sleep tonight without giving credit where proper credit is due.

My Gastroenterologist: Dr. Kenneth Miller, 311 East 79th Street, suite 2a, NY, NY
He's fantastic. Other than being young and hip and yet completely serious and knowledgeable about his practice, he was the first guy to correctly diagnose me with gallstones after NY Downtown Hospital made two failed diagnoses 8 months apart.

My Cardiologist: Dr. Jonathan Greenblatt, 1841 Broadway, suite 1012, NY, NY
Funny, young and yet totally capable and, again, knowledgable. He performed a battery of tests on me and explained every procedure and every result in as great of detail as I asked for. Fantastic physician.

My Surgeon: Dr. Brian Jacob, 1010 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY
I can't say enough good things about this guy. Not only did he perform surgery on me with as few complications as a guy could hope for with a gall bladder in such bad shape, but he actually made me like him in the process. He is such a cool guy and he happens to have hands of gold. Every step of every process was explained in such a way that I felt absolutely no fear at all. He even got my parents to like him, no small feat. I couldn't have wished for a better surgeon. One of the anesthesiologists decribed him as being "meticulous". Is there a better adjective you'd want for your doctor?

My Surgeons Hospital: Mt. Sinai, Madison and 100th street, NY, NY
The pre and post operative care was absolutely top notch. I never waited more than three minutes after calling for a nurse to help me and their mannerisms and professionalism bowled me over. Part of getting better is feeling good about your care and for my 3 day stay I was made to feel like a VIP for the entire time. Kudos to the entire staff who were gentle, discreet and caring every step of the way.

Perhaps, one day, somebody reading this will need a laparoscopic surgeon, or a cardiologist or a GI. If so, please take my recommendation and use one of these fine gentlemen. I've been there, I've done that and I can say with no reservations that they are the best. You will NOT be disappointed.

P.S. No, I DIDN'T get kickbacks of any sort for these glowing reviews. I truly feel blessed to have gone through a traumatic experience in as good of a way as I did.

P.P.S. The next post will be about poker!

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