Wednesday, December 5, 2007

3.5 hours to surgery

This will be my last post before I go under. My parents, as expected, are driving me insane in these close quarters. I love them, but they're like Kryptonite to sanity and I'm afraid the more exposure I have, the less likely I am to come through with my mind intact.

If this should be my last post ever (g-d forbid), I hereby publicly bequeath my poker table and chips to Darko. It's not that I'm playing favorites (because I'm not). It's just that I will want the Wall Street Poker tradition to live on and he lives closest with an apartment large enough to support a game.

Remember me fondly friends. I go now to prepare.


"WarCrimes" said...

gl and god bless.

Hope recovery will be smooth as possible for you.

Dawn Summers said...

GL. I call the backgammon set. What? Too soon.

darko said...


nice sentiment. , but i can't accept it. i'll see you next week!

god speed, brother.

Joe-Unimpressed said...

I know you're on the mend, but let us know how you're doing.

(freakin' could word verification BE any longer?)

23skidoo said...

I hope things went well, see you next time I'm up there.