Thursday, January 10, 2008

So much to bitch about, so little time...

First things first. I got my bonus yesterday.


True, our company did really poorly this year, but the team I support did really well. Shouldn't that count for something. Anyway, I just saw this article in the Times and all of a sudden, I'm just glad I have a job.

What else? Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Just back from my trip to Vegas, I'm immediately thinking about where else I can go, if only for long weekends. I spoke to E and since she's prepping for the Jersey bar exam in late February, she gave me the go ahead to travel the weekend of the 17th and the 24th. The 17th is also President's day weekend so I'll be off from work the following Monday too. What a happy coincidence! So I immediately booked a flight to...Vegas. I know what you're thinking. And you're right, I'm retarded. But the idea of going for the Venetian big stack tournament specials (running all through February) was too good to pass up. Also, I won't be flying solo this time. The list of guests who might be there are CK, LJ and Mary. Also, Thomas Gillespie, who played in the tourneys tonight at WSP, happened to mention he's going to be there the same weekend staying at Bufallo Bill's (the old Barbary Coast). Anyway, I did the quick math and with the poker rate I'm getting at The Venetian, it's actually cheaper for him to share the room with me than it is for going solo at that other crappy hotel. Sweet!

So my plan is to fly out at 6:30 on Feb. 15th and take the red-eye back Tuesday night, Feb. 19th and get into JFK at 5:00am Wed. morning. If things go well, I'll get some solid sack time coming back and take a cab home, shower up and go right to work (maybe get an hour nap in my own bed if I'm lucky). I'm going to work Wed., Thur. and Friday and then...back to the airport.

It seems Virgin air was having a great special to fly out to the West Coast and since I have carte blanche to travel that weekend anyway, well....I will. I'm flying out that Friday after I get back from Vegas to sunny Los Angeles. I booked myself into a Ramada about 1/2 a mile from Commerce Casino. I've always wanted to try the big California poker rooms and Commerce is the biggest in the world (200+ tables!!). Also, Bicycle casino is close by as are about 6 other poker rooms. I don't think I'll do the frantic loop I did in Vegas but it will be fun just to spend the weekend out there. Again, I'm coming back on the redeye and going right to work.

I only wish I had known my bonus numbers BEFORE I booked the trips. I might not have pulled the trigger so quickly. :-(

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