Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wii rock at poker

Tonight's tourney/cash game to honor 23Skidoo was a blast! The tourney was only 8 handed but there were some fine players. Fresh off of my 12 day Vegas soujourn, my skills were definitely sharpened up. Early on in the first blind level, I nearly doubled up with QQ in late position. LJ raised to 250 UTG and Robert, a new player called. I popped it to 800 and when it got back to LJ, she moved all in in a flash. Robert folded and it was all my chips. I really had to think about it here. I know LJ is a great tourney player, so why would she shove so quickly in the early part of the tourney. I did some thinking about it and I came to two conclusions:

1. She has the obvious KK or AA.
2. She has a good Ace and she's trying to put doubt into my mind.

I started to settle on option number two when I remembered that LJ had come into the tourney with a sore throat and lost voice and probably wasn't feeling good. She had also mentioned how she probably wouldn't stay for cash afterward because she had work to do tonight. I put two and two together and came to the conclusion she was trying to double up or go home. So I called. Her hand was actually more powerful than I had imagined, AKo, but I won the race and she went out on the rail. I was able to use my powerful chip position to bully a few blinds and win a few pots. There were a few suckout hands and some suckout-re-suckout hands. Darko managed one of those when he took out Brian (poor guy) who was short-stacked with 99 in the blind. Darko shoved with a slightly larger stack trying to steal the blinds and Brian called. Darko showed 7d3d and managed to make two pair on the river to go into contention and eventually into the money.

With Darko and I at nearly even stacks and the new guy Robert at a slightly smaller stack, we ended up chopping the tourney to move onto cash. Thanks to the Rooster, Jordan and Jesse for also participating.

As the tourney broke up, W and Alceste joined us for cash when some of the others left and we played a mixed game (.50/1 NLHE and 2-4 Limit O/8). Even though Matty Ebs didn't come to deal for us (:-p), we managed a spirited game to 11:15pm. It was good fun.

Today also marked the debut of the Nintendo Wii at the Wall Street Poker clubhouse. It's a hot property, to be sure, and I played Guitar Hero well into the night after everyone left. Evidently, the game says, I rock.


Robert said...

Hey, thanks for having me over. a lot of fun, and I think I'll be able to learn a lot by playing with y'all.

23skidoo said...

Thanks again Jamie!

I can't wait to get back up there and redeem myself from my latest showing.