Friday, January 11, 2008

Tourney suck (for me)

We had a whole bunch of tourneys the last two nights. First things first: Abbie is a monster! I mean crazy unstoppable. Who the hell wins BOTH tourneys?!?! Congrats Abbie - "The Law" (new nickname). I only played in the second tourney but I had NOTHING in terms of cards. Granted I got bluffed off a few hands by Matty Ebs. How did I know I got bluffed? Because someone else would call and Matty would go all in and Matty would show down his crappy 56o and the other person would show a better hand than mine. I would pat myself on the back and then Matty would suck out. Oh yeah, AA got cracked 3 times last night, all vs. much worse hands. The worst was AA vs. AK where the AK turned the broadway straight.

Poker loses.

Well, after getting my stack choped in multiple ways and delivered to other people, I finally looked down at 33 and pushed. I got two callers and the flop came Ac Qc Tc. Uh, I lose.

Tonight was no better. I busted early in the first tourney after going card dead and pushing with A9 with 1000 in chips. I ran into JT AND QQ. Uh, I lose again. Especially when a Queen flops.

The second tourney was painful, like a band-aid you pull off in one quick motion. Because that's how long it took. I was felted on the first hand. Luckily, I had company! I had Ad2d UTG. I limp and a few other people limp and Cheryl makes it 325 total from the SB. Tony calls and I call. Everyone else gets out of the way. Flop is 4d 5c 7d. Hmmmm....I'm going to get in trouble with the nut flush draw and the gutshot wheel draw. I know this. Cheryl leads out with another 325 and I'm praying Tony smooth calls so I can see the turn cheaply. Yeah, no such luck. Tony raised to 925 straight. I read Cheryl for an overpair and Tony too. My though here is that if I shove, I *might* get them both to fold. OR, they both might call and I'm getting 2-1 with the proper odds to draw. So I did. I shoved all in on the first hand with two draws and what I thought was a good overcard with the Ace. Cheryl looked dismayed, but called. Tony did too! They flipped up 44 for Cheryl and 66 for Tony! Cheryl flopped the set and Tony, the OESD. The turn comes out a black 8 for the straight! Tony looks happy until the river comes a black 7 making the boat for Cheryl, who tripled up.

Guitar Hero anyone?

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