Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ah, that's more like it

Tonight's limit 3-6 mixed game was nearly perfect. Yes, it could have been a better turnout (damn you Joaquin!), but the 7 players who showed up played hard and fast until 11:00 and we even played 5 handed until 12:30a. On top of that, my limit game was on fire tonight. I posted the best profit of the night, even above the dangerous and beautiful CK, who plays tight smart limit like the monster she is (on the inside).

Someone tell W, by the way, that limit is not "just luck". Please. Tell her. Seriously.

Best conversation of the night:
Matty Ebs: (breathing hard after coming out of the bathroom) I just scared myself to death
CK: What happened?
Matty Ebs: I just cut my hair, so I didn't recognize myself. I thought someone else was in the bathroom with me!
Seriously, I look scary. No one told me I look scary!

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