Friday, February 15, 2008

This Lemonade may be a bit tart

Maybe there’s too many lemons in it?

I was up late last night loading up my new ‘rental’ IPod Nano and when I finally looked up, it was 2AM. Probably too late to pack, right? No problem, I thought. I’ll just wake up and pack in the morning. I’m only going to Vegas for 4 days. How much time do I really need?

So I went to sleep.

When I got up in the morning, I showered and cleansed myself, pulled on some work clothing, and went about the task of choosing stuff to bring to Vegas. I pulled my suitcase onto my bed, opened the zipper and flipped open the cover, and started putting stuff inside. 2 pairs of Jeans, check. 2 Belts, check. Bag of sundries, check. 4 T-shirts, check. One Sweater, check. One light pullover jacket, check.

What’s left? Oh yeah, Underwear and socks. Hey, look at that! I put my underwear and socks in the laundry on Monday just so I could get it back on Thursday in time to pack for Vegas! How thoughtful I am. A little back story first, though.

I have a blue laundry bag. When I picked up my laundry the last night, I had gotten a black bag back. I thought to myself, “that’s odd”. But did I look inside to check the actual contents? No. Instead, I just assumed that my bag had ripped and the laundry had provided me with…a new black bag! Wow, am I dumb. If I had opened the bag, I would have discovered the laundry inside wasn’t mine. If I had even bothered to examine the OUTSIDE of the bag, I would have discovered the apt. number 1603 written. That’s not my apt. number, needless to say.

Back to our packing story.

I’m now sitting with a bag of laundry that isn’t mine. Luckily, I have backup boxers that I keep for just such an occasion, but that would only help me get to work this morning. I still need undies and socks for the trip!!! I went downstairs to return my laundry and they’re now checking into it, but it won’t be resolved before I get on a plane. So it looks like I’ll be making a quick trip to Century 21 before the flight. Grrrr….

I’m hoping this is my last LEMON for the month.

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