Monday, February 11, 2008

Late Florida Recap - Day 3

I woke up at 11:30 the Monday morning, intent on two things. Playing poker and eating crabs. As I’ve blogged previously, my favorite crab house in the world is in Dania, Florida. It’s called The Rustic Inn and it’s outstanding. No pretensions here. No cloth tablecloths either. Just white paper over wooden tables on a dock out on a canal. The dish I *always* get when I go is the “Crab Sampler”, which is a combination of Golden Garlic crab clusters, Maryland Blue crab clusters, Dungeoness crab clusters and Queen crab legs, served with drawn butter and parsley potatoes. Yum and double Yum. My parents came along for the lunch and my mother also pigged out with me on crabs, but my father wimped out and got a crab cake sandwich. I don’t hold it against him, mostly. Afterwards, I dropped my parents off and went off to Best Buy to buy a wireless router. It was starting to peeve me that every night that I wanted to use my laptop at my parent’s place, I have to unplug their internet connection from their PC and plug the cable in. I don’t like to be limited. I also got myself a DVD I’m very excited about. It’s the movie “The 36th Chamber of Shaolin” in remastered form. The movie, widely considered the best of the Shaw Brother’s studio’s Hong Kong Kung-Fu movies from the 70’s, has FINALLY been released for region 1. The Shaw Brothers recently remastered their entire back catalog and it’s going to be a pleasure to watch it finally without the cracks and pops of the bootlegs I’ve been watching for years.

But I digress.

On my way back from Best Buy, I went to play Omaha at the Mardi Gras greyhound track in Hollywood. They didn’t have Omaha though, so I played what they did have, which was 2-4 Limit. BORING. The only exciting hand was when I have Ks7s. Everyone called and the flop was 778 rainbow. I checked when it got to me and when somebody bet out and a few people called, I popped it to $4. That got a few people out except two. The turn was a 9. They both checked to me and I bet out. The small blind raised me! Hmmm…. I folded pretty quickly and when I flashed my hand to the guy next to me, he called me a “fool”. What do you think guys?

Anyway, I ended up leaving pretty close to even and then finished the night at a fantastic Chinese food place with my parents and their friends. This place was actually the closest to Manhattan Chinatown Chinese food that I’ve ever eaten in Florida. It was that good. We has shredded chicken and corn soup, Peking pork chops, clams with black bean sauce, orange prawns and chicken lo-mein. All of it was delicious, other than the Lo-Mein which was just ordinary.

This trip would be perfect if not for two things. One, E is not with me. Two, the weather blows. Although, from what I hear, the weather in New York is COOOOLD.

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