Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Friends, Romans, Countrymen

Lend me your ears. I come to bury my IPod, not to praise it.

My 3rd Generation Ipod is dead. Officially. Dead as Julius Caesar.

It was a good run and I got another few months of life from it by replacing it's hard drive, but in the end it just gave out. I was at work today this morning and the hard drive just stopped, cold. I'm sure it's just the battery, but I don't want to take the hassle of replacing it.

Normally, with something that given me so much pleasure, there'd be a respectful mourning period before I went shopping for a replacement. But in true Jewish fashion, the funeral was all too brief. My IPod died at 9:10am this morning, and by 9:45am, I was on the Apple website looking for a younger, sexier model.

In the end, I gave in to my overwhelming techno-lust and purchased the brand spanking new (less than 10 days old) IPod Touch, 32GB model. Oh my lord I can't wait for it to arrive.

Incidentally, I have to commend Apple for it's incredibly quick turnaround. I ordered the thing, WITH CUSTOM ENGRAVING, at 10:00AM and it was shipped out tonight at 12:30AM. Impressive.

The engraving, which will adorn my wonderful new device (which is much better than anything YOU have) is:
Powered by Negative Ken
Groupies Welcome

It was worth every penny. I want to give a shout out to the good folks at the Borgata Poker room, who were kind enough to give me a 90% discount on this very expensive piece of music heaven. BWAHAHAHA (And you thought there wasn't going to be any poker content...)

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HighOnPoker said...

In a random coincidence, my iPod Nano chose to go swimming on my recent vacation to Mexico. As it turns out, iPod Nanos can't swim. While still at the hotel, I ordered a replacement (8gb iPod Nano w/ Video...under $200) and it arrived at my apartment before I was back from my trip.

We mourn our lost iPods, but we celebrate our new ones.

Now let us say the Kiddush.