Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I lost two tourneys and I don't care

Some sick tourney action tonight. First of all, Thomas couldn't stop hitting huge hands. He had 5 (FIVE!) flopped sets in the second tourney alone. I made a questionable play in the first tourney that I need to go over in my head and to all of you.

Comments welcome.

So I have AJ (Can't remember the position) and I have the 2nd chip stack at the table. When it gets to me, I raise to 3X the BB and Abbie goes all in. Now, I had a big stack, but Abbie went over the top quite large. It was 1550 to call and there was now 2850 in the pot. So I'm getting nearly 2-1 to call and I do because I put Abbie on exactly what she had with a shortie stack, a medium pocket pair (it was 88). I lost the race (hard when she flopped an 8) and I got chastised by W and Abbie both for risking so many chips on what was, at best, a race. Now, it's true that I only had about 600 or 800 invested when I made the call, but if I played that heads up, could I have NOT called? Yes, if I lose the race, I dent my chip stack severely, but if I win I'm in first by a huge margin. I maintain that getting close to 2-1 on a race is the right call and it's only a judgement call about whether you want to coin flip. What say you all?

After I lost the flip, it was about this time that the subject of movies came up. W mentioned that she had seen "Juno" recently and liked it. "Did you know that the same guy who wrote and directed that [Juno] also wrote and directed 'Thank You For Smoking'?" she asked.

Uh, no. A woman wrote Juno. "I'm sure of it," I told her.

"I'll bet you a hundred dollars you're wrong," she insta-challenged.

I thought it over for about three seconds in my head. Yes, I remember seeing some sort of story on the web about the Juno author who used to be a pole dancer and this was her first screenplay, etc...

"Two hundred," I shot back.


Stephen P. looked at me and said, "You just won money".

W bounded over to the computer and looked up the info on IMDB. "Oh, you're right".

And just like that, I was up for the evening. I *love* betting. :-p

Actually, I was just getting W back for a bet she made to me, and I lost, a few months ago regarding bad beat requirements in AC. So this is sweet sweet revenge.

The second tourney went well for me until I ran into two bad situations. The first I couldn't help. W had KK in the BB 4 handed vs. my QQ. The flop came down with 3 unders and I called her all in. But I still had plenty of chips left and got chopped in half when Stephen P. went all in over my A9o raise. Yet again, I got most of my chips back. Then, my AdJd got called with Thomas' TT and the flop was Ten high. I managed to get away from his good bet and I picked up AA a few hands later UTG. I limped, hoping W would seize the opportunity to go all in to pick up 2.5 blinds. She smelled a trap though and just called. The flop was Q44 and I was forced to move all in to which Thomas immediately called from the BB with T4o. Doh! Badly played, Jamie, Badly played.

The tourneys all went off on time today and it was nice to see the night end by 11:05p. We have a nicely oiled machine here.

Oh, I forgot one bad beat that was memorable (also Thomas). Abbie, on a great run starting in the first tourney she won, has a full house with AT and a board of AAT3. Thomas is all in with AQ and spiked the Q on the river to nearly felt Abbie and take the chip lead he would never relinquish. Sick night for beats!

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