Sunday, April 20, 2008

A damn fine week

I dealt the private DB game on Thursday and then the 1-2 NL game on Friday at WSP. Both nights were highly entertaining. Other than the nice coin I made both nights from tokes (thanks everyone!), I'd have to say the best moment came Friday night, when a player looked up and said, "Is something burning?". The table craned their necks towards the kitchen where my dish towel was on fire on top of my stove. W had put on her tea kettle and the flame had caught the towel.

I didn't think I actually had to say this, but I will:

Make sure you clear all flammables off the stove top before lighting a flame!

The other thing I liked about Friday night was that it was old school WSP in effect. In the last few months, perhaps because of the increased frequency of the WSP games, the nights have been ending relatively early. But not Friday. We played until 5AM. In fact, it was pussy old me who had to shut it down because I was starting to make mistakes dealing. The game might have broken up at 3 but it went longer because two fishy fish fish players walked in and dropped $500 at the table.

I was supposed to get up relatively early for a seder out on Long Island, but the dinner got moved to Sunday night instead. I used the opportunity to go out to the Salami club Saturday night. Dennis had asked me to take him and we arrived at 8:30. W was on her way too and got there at about 9:15, with a new dish towel in hand! Good going.

Dennis was on fire at his very first outing. He doubled up early on with two pair and managed to lose most of his profit, before doubling up again on another two pair later on. Then, the big one hit. After calling a PF raise, four handed, the flop came out AAJ. There was some heavy betting between Dennis and the guy to my right, Mr. X (that's what we called him). The turn was a K. Dennis led out, Mr. X raised and Dennis moved all in for $500 more. There was now $1800 in the pot and it was $500 to Mr. X. He took a while to think about it and I immediately put Dennis on AK with Mr. X at AJ. I was shocked when Mr. X exposed his hand to me only and it was AQ! Now, I know Dennis and I knew he could beat AQ, but I kept my mouth tight-lipped and said nothing. Mr. X eventually made the crying call and found out the bad news. The river was a brick and Dennis was sitting pretty at +2000, a position he'd remain in for the rest of the night until he left at about 1:30.

Here's the best part. Mr. X immediately announced he was on tilt and then got a marker from the dry erase board and then asked me to write the word TILT on his forehead. I dutifully complied. He played the rest of the night with it and one of the club employees got a nice cell phone shot of it. I was *supposed* to receive a copy, but she forgot to email it to me. The best was when a player looked at Mr. X and said, "That doesn't say TILT". OMG, I wish I had thought of that! I would have wrote "DICK"! :-)

I oscillated up and down for a while, eventually going 450 in the hole when I got AcKc. I called a $20 PF raise from Mr. X (to my immediate right thankfully) and got two other callers. Flop was KJ6 with two diamonds. Mr. X checked, I reached for my chips and the player to my left started reaching for his without seeing me. Oh, he's going to lead out. Ok, I check. The table was laughing about it and the guy to my left did lead out for $50. It folded to Mr. X who re-raised to $120. Ok, I shove! I put my remaining $185 in the pot and both players called. A 3c came on the turn and Mr. X bet out $200. At this point, I figured I was dead so I started to call for more chips. Especially when the other player called. I figured it was a set vs. two pair or a set vs. a flush draw. The river was another brick and Mr. X bet out about $115. The other guy called and Mr. X shows KQ for top pair, Queen kicker. The other guy mucked! I'm Good!!! I triple up and get back all my losses. Mr. X made a smart play by building a side pot and taking down at least as much as I did.

Then, I went card dead for an hour. Finally, about three hands before I was going to leave at 3, I get 8h9h and call a PF raise. Flop is Q93 and it checks around. Turn is an 8. The original raiser bets out $115 and I call it. It goes heads up and the river is a 9! He checks and I bet out $85 for value but he doesn't take the bait. That puts me up $120 for the night where I take my leave.

Total poker mobneys for this week: $1500. Shweet.

Oh, I also managed to pick up dates with two girls. BEST. WEEK. EVER.


Donkette said...

Congrats! Keep building that bankroll so that I could take it from you when I visit WSP......

Jamie said...

Bring it girl. Bring it!