Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mixed game donkery

The first of the WSP 'Mixed Game Madness' series (copyright 2008) went off last night. We were playing $3-$6 O/8 and Stud/8 rotations with a half kill. For the first time in a looong time, CK lost her buyin! Wow, so she *is* human.

Dawn was her spectacularly suckout self. Just an example, I paired an Ace on 4th street and bet all the way down, going for high AND low. I ended up with Aces up and a crappy 87 low and she called every street, hitting a third King on the river. Ugly.

I played way too many hands last night and was down about $150 when I started tightening up. And then, magically, I improved. Who knew? Towards the end of the night I went on a run of 4 pots in a row where I scooped two and chopped two and my stack jumped to Matty Eb's (or near) proportions. I cashed out with $24 profit after all was said and done. W, who was sitting on a full buyin profit, ended up even after losing a few big pots. In her defense, she made a King flush on 6th street in Stud/8 while I had the Ace-Queen flush on 5th street. But while I had three low hearts on board the Ah and the Qh were down below.

Oh, and I have to mention my Stud/8 straight flush too. I got it to the Jack on a pot I chopped with Dawn, who had 86 low and...a pair. {sigh}.

Props go to Matty Ebs, who was not only very *on* in his comedy last night, but he was vaccuming a ridiculous number of pots into the chiprack. He pwned us last night.

Plus, I learned for the first time was a dental dam was. So a question for the ladies. Do you just keep these around you, just in case? Or are you on a date fooling around and a guy whips out a square piece of latex and your eyes light up with anticipation? Just asking...

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