Sunday, April 27, 2008

Velcome to ze Undahowse

$1/$1 PLO Friday night. The place? Wall Street Poker. In attendance were a collection of the some of the sickest poker degenerates this side of the Mississippi. Just a thought: Why is the Mississippi river always used as the de facto splitting point of the country? It hasn't been the middle of the country since the mid 19th century.

Where was I?

Oh yes, PLO. Well, the action was just sick and I am the biggest Omaha donkey alive. Not once, but twice, I lost big pots to Matty Ebs with dinghy boats vs. his slightly larger boats. When did bottom two pair become a betting hand in Omaha? Anyone? Anyone?

Congrats to PP who was the big winner of the night! Not only did he walk away with 4X his buyin, but CK simultaneously donked off two full buyins! An historic night to be sure and further proof that Armageddon is approaching.

The rest of my weekend was splendiferous. There was date Saturday night, which turned out to be unbelievably good. I mean out of the stratosphere good. Dinner at Bacaro (WOW, thanks Viv) followed by drinks at Thor lounge and then a cab to Decibel for Sake and Edamame. Delicious in every way.

Sunday was the Mets game with PP. The Mets clobbered the Braves (Delgado had two dingers!) although the 6th inning got iffy when Atlanta started a rally that finally fizzled. We had dinner in Jackson Heights at Jackson diner. The atmosphere isn't exactly cozy (it's a converted diner) but the Indian food was some of the best I ever had.

Wow, what a weekend!

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