Monday, April 14, 2008


I got the call at 7PM.

"You wanna hit the Salami club?"


So I got there at 8:30p with my two friends and we sat at a table that totaled 10 players. I sat tight for a while and hovered around even for nearly two hours. One of my friends got KK on his first hand and blew his entire buyin when it ran into AA. Don't cry for him, though. He worked another buyin into 1600 by the time I left.

For my part, I finally got a decent hand that doubled me up after two hours. AceTen flopped top two and I got an aggressive player to go all in after I check-raised the brick on the turn. I got KK a few hands later and gave up $65 when the board came AT9, all clubs. I had the Kc and I couldn't hit the turn when the aggressor bet out the turn. Fold it, baby. I paid off a guy when my AA ran into his J9 and the flop of 9TJ. He didn't get me for too much, but I wish I could win with one of the premium hands. I did manage to bluff a nice pot with KQo though. The I had raised PF to $25 in early position and got 4 callers. The flop was T32 with 2 clubs. I led out $100 and got everyone to fold. Yay!

After that, it was just sitting on my stack for a while. I played another two hours and oscillated up and down but never really went anywhere. I did manage to give $125 to one of my friends when I flopped two pair and she turned a better two pair. But I got it back from another player later when I luck-flopped trip 8's from the small blind and someone led out.

All in all, a nice night of decent profit and a wonderful pasta dinner. It capped a nice weekend with my friends who came down from Boston to see me. We had a wonderful dinner of pierogi Friday night in the East Village and some great sightseeing on Saturday. Another great sushi dinner on Saturday night and a wonderful brunch at Kitchenette in Tribeca this morning.

Truly, a fine weekend. They're few and far between so I'm treasuring this one.


Dawn Summers said...

And again no invite? Well, I never.

Jamie said...

Didn't realize Lent was over.

Next time, I promise.