Wednesday, April 9, 2008

End of season 5 tourney recap

The loser's tourney was this past Sunday. I don't remember too much of it, except to say that it's the first time in WSP history that two 'horses' made money for their jockeys. That is to say that two people who couldn't show up, and had 50% replacements play for them, both made money. I actually had half the chips in play at one point with 4 players, but went completely card dead for an hour to whittle it down. I got my stack calling Drama's raise with KQ in my hand. Drama was talking up a storm about how he had pocket Jacks, so when a Queen high board flopped, I believed him. He doubled me up nicely. Drama had gotten his big stack from Abbie, who ran her 99 into Drama's AA, so the chip redistribution was appreciated.

J. Mord ended up being the beneficiary of most of my chips merely from attacking my blinds when I had a string of 82o. I wanted to wait until Paulie was knocked out to offer some sort of chop, but he went on a string of 3 double-ups in a row which put everyone about even in chips. Before I could say anything, Drama offered exactly what was on my mind. $100 to each player left (J. Mord, Drama, Paulie and myself) and we fight it out for the remaining $212. That sounded nice to lock up some cash and it was anyone's game at this point. But J. Mord pulled ahead and took me out with my K8 vs. his QT when my trip 8's on the river made him a flush. He then took out Drama on the next hand on some similar 40/60 hand. W, who was 'sponsoring' J., was very happy to hear how she made $156 all the way from Vegas.

Incidentally, LJ went out first when she slow-played trip Queens and allowed Abbie to come from behind and hit her two outer boat on the river. Very unlike her.

Congrats to all the players and I hope you enjoyed the bagels and lox. My thumb is recovering nicely, thx.

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