Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We play Stud/8 GOOOT

Dawn Summers gave up poker for the entire length of Lent. This is admirable. Insane, but admirable. For someone who clearly worships Satan (and might actually own the Brooklyn franchise), she's going through extraordinary lengths to keep up the appearance that she's a god-fearing Christian. I felt that this measure of devotion to evil deserves to be rewarded, which is how I came up with the Dawn Summers Stud/8 invitational that went off this past Monday.

I won't go into the details, which have been talked about at length here and here and here, except for one detail. The common card that made me the big pot (in the now infamous, "Oh let's expose the burn card for fun" hand) was a Queen, not a King. I know this because I had AJ with KT on the board and the Queen made me the nut straight.

I honestly didn't know we hadn't been burning cards up to that point. But, like the house rule says, "Random is Random". Lol!

It's amusing to me that Dawn got burned by the game tonight. She's up big in "good time" dollars (as are we all), and those are exchangable at The GAP by the way, but not so much in American greenbacks. I caught her folding a bunch, I think that's her leak. She should be seeing every card to 7th street and be sucking out fiercely. Um, isn't that what she always does?
I have to give her props though for suggesting a do a regular mixed game series. It's on it's way starting next Tuesday and commentcing every other Tuesday.

One other thing that wasn't really metioned much. After the regular Stud/8 game broke up, Alceste turned us all on to 2-7 Triple Draw. This game is violently evil. I had just gotten the basics from Alceste when W came down from running and sat behind me to watch. I was dealt 2d 3d 5d 5c Ts. I threw away the 5d and the Ts and drew the 4d and the 7s! Hello nuts! So I won that hand, which was pretty. I'm afraid W got the wrong idea though since the first hand she ever saw was the nut draw made!

We'll be having O/8 Stud/8 at our first mixed game with different games coming on future nights. Suggestions are welcome for game choices. The only criteria is that the game has to be offered somewhere at a legal poker room and there can't be wild cards or dealer's choice games involved. No Baseball, Chicago, Football, Indian poker, etc... Some future choices will be the aforementioned 2-7 triple draw, Badugi, Pineapple, etc...


Alceste said...

Happy to do my part to bring a little 2-7 TD joy to Wall St. If you're in the mood to gamble, I'm not sure if there's any game that is more fun. Sadly, I'm not sure how conducive it is going to be to the larger home games with the 6-person cap.

Alceste said...
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