Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Like McDermott walking back into the Chesterfield

Bill Buckner got a huge standing ovation for throwing out the first pitch yesterday at Fenway. Enormous standing 'O'. It's nice to know that some people, even heartless and cruel Boston fans, can forgive anything over time and change in circumstances. Boston is a monster now, so it's easier to let bygones be bygones, but it's still nice for Buckner.

Buckner, incidentally, gets way too much flak for the gaffe in Game 6. Yeah, it was a routine grounder. Yeah, Boston could've won the game in their next ups. But lest we forget, it was the fault of the pitching staff that the Mets even tied it up at all. It was a heartbreaking moment for Boston fans to see that ball dribble into right field, but it's only an indelible moment because it's ready made for TV. Watching a pitcher give up a hit to tie the game because his fastball drifted up in the zone is not exactly mesmerizing.

So rest easy tonight Bill Buckner. You earned it.

I still hate Boston though.

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Booby Stealz said...

definitely felt for him and the years of suffering he and his family went through the past 20 years.